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Working with Kaitlyn has been wonderful! She really did her research to understand "my voice" and has produced nothing but quality, well-written articles for me. She is professional and punctual, which I've found can be hard to come by. I highly recommend her!


Fantastic!  Thank you so much for your hard work; it's clear that you take your craft seriously.  We should have some more articles coming your way shortly.  Looking forward to working with you.  Thanks again Kaitlyn!


“Kaitlyn, thank you very much for this great article in such a short amount of time! It was very well researched and does a great job of nailing the point of the article home! Just what we asked for and very happy with the result!”


I've used the writing services of Kaitlyn on several occasions for my private practice with remarkable outcomes.  Accurate, precise, clear documents every time.


Registered Psychotherapist

Exactly what I needed I loved the way you turned a commercial subject into something neat and pleasing to read. Well done and thank you


Great content, and extremely receptive to revisions! Kaitlyn made all the necessary changes I needed without any issues.


Keto With Confidence



Our society is obsessed with bodies.  Everywhere you look, there are advertisements for weight loss programs, gyms and diets.  Social media stars and celebrities gush over methods they used to tone up and slim down.  Our food and diet haven’t escaped notice either.  Fad diets claim that eating nothing but coconut oil or restricting your eating window to one hour a day is the way to drop the pounds.  The packaging on food in stores is loaded with terms such as low-fat, sugar-free and low carb.


The Keto diet has become very popular in recent years as athletes and celebrities hop on the Keto bandwagon and rave about its results. They’re pumped about the Keto diet for a reason. It allows you to burn more fat and calories all while improving your cardiovascular health and decreasing sugar highs and lows. The Keto diet sounds like it pairs perfectly with exercise; however, there are a few things you need to know before you strap on your running shoes. 


This roasted red pepper sauce is a creamy alternative to tomato-based marinara. It pairs well with almost anything, and you can whip it up in under five minutes. Anytime I have a dish that’s tasting a little bland, I just pull out my roasted red pepper sauce to give my meal a much-needed dash of fresh flavor.  It’s both gluten- and dairy-free, so this recipe appeals to just about everyone.

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Becoming pregnant while having Bipolar Disorder can be a scary and alienating experience. There is not a lot of literature on the subject and very few studies have been done. Your doctor may disapprove of the idea and you might have trouble finding support through your circle of family and friends. However, you’re not alone. It is possible to become a mother after a diagnosis of Bipolar. It’s not an easy journey; however, in the end, it can be the most rewarding journey of your life!


In recent years carbohydrates have been typecast as the villain in our quest to eat healthy and lose weight.  Diets such as Keto and Paleo recommend steering clear of carbs and social media influencers promote low-carb diets by posting drool-worthy photos of bacon wrapped everything.

It can be difficult to remember that what you see online isn’t necessarily the truth.  Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy.  In fact, your body needs carbs in order to survive.  The following article will help you understand the important role carbs play in your health.


If you’ve heard of the Keto diet then you probably know that it’s a low carb diet. It’s perfectly reasonable to be wondering if Keto is a low-carb diet, what’s the difference between low carb and Keto? The short answer is that Keto is low carb, but not all low carb diets are Keto. The following article will help you understand the key differences between the two while highlighting their similarities as well.

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