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Hi, I'm Kaitlyn

Health and Wellness Writer

I help health and wellness companies boost their online presence, engage audiences, and convert readers into loyal customers through quality content. 

My expertise lies in health, wellness, and nutrition:

​Healthy pregnancy​

Mental illness and

coping strategies





Eating disorders

Recipe content writing

Intuitive eating

Mindful Movement




Body Image


flay lay salad bowl weights

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Keto with confidence

I empower you to make a positive impact on the world through easy-to-read, science-backed, and inspiring health, wellness, and nutrition content.


Together, we'll build trust and credibility with your audience, boosting your views and revenue, and ultimately making a meaningful difference in the health and wellness of your clients.

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Why Should you hire a Freelancer?

You might be thinking, "I know my stuff.  Shouldn't I write my own content?"

The short answer is, no.  There are so many advantages to hiring a freelancer in order for you to get the quality content you need while freeing up your time to run your business.



Time Saver

You're busy and your time is valuable. Your business is your priority and you don't have the spare time to invest in properly researching topics, integrating SEO, writing content and proofreading for errors.

The good news is that I do!  This is my business and that means that 100% of my time is dedicated to writing persuasive and engaging content for you.  This frees you up to work your strengths while I work mine.



Building a Solid Relationship

When you work one-on-one with a freelance writer you're building a relationship with someone who wants your business to succeed as much as you do. 

Together we'll work as a team to ensure that your online content is true to your brand.  I want to build a long-term relationship with you and your company which means that your satisfaction is my top priority.



A Bridge Between You and Your Customers

You know your business inside and out but sometimes it can be hard to relay information to your customers in terms that they understand.  

I can translate your message using simple language that anyone can understand.  In this way, I act as a bridge between the message that you want to relay and the customers that you're trying to reach.



SEO Optimization

It's one thing to know which words your customers are searching for.  Skillfully weaving them into your content so they sound natural is what I do.  No keyword stuffing here!



Quick Turnaround

When you hire someone dedicated to doing a specific job you're going to see fast results.  If you get someone on your staff to write blog posts and articles for you it will be a second priority to them after they finish their primary job.

Your content is my primary job and my priority so I can promise a quick turnaround.


Persuade and Engage Customers


I can get your readers to take action whether that be buying your product, following your page or liking your blog. 

Being able to persuade your customers by inciting an emotional response to your content will cause your readers to actively engage with your company as opposed to skimming your content and moving on.  You don't want your customers to just read your content you want them to act.

Why Clients Love
Working With Me!

I've used the writing services of Kaitlyn on several occasions for my private practice with remarkable outcomes.  Accurate, precise, clear documents every time.


Registered Psychotherapist

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