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What You Can Expect

From The Polished Writer

When you work with me to create specialty content there are a few guarantees I can make you about what I'll deliver.  This way you know exactly what you're getting each and every time.

  • In-depth research on each and every topic

  • SEO that is woven directly into your content

  • Original articles that are custom designed for your business

  • Edited and content that is ready to be published

  • One-on-one attention

  • Clear communication

  • Revisions upon request

Researching and Writing

My Process

If this is your first time ordering content from me you might be wondering exactly what the process looks like.  Although the timeline might differ slightly for each individual project the basic process remains the same.  Below is a general outline as to what you can expect at every stage of our partnership.

STEP 1: Let's Chat

We talk over the phone, through email or via video conferencing.  This gives us the chance to get to know one another.


You can ask questions about my process and I get a chance to discover what your needs and goals are.  If we both think it's a good partnership we'll move forward.

STEP 2: Sort Out the Details

Together we'll discuss your specific needs and agree to terms, timeline and pricing.  Once everything has been agreed upon we'll put it on paper and sign a contract.

If you want a trial run to test the partnership before you sign a contract we'll begin with a paid sample.

STEP 3: Research and Outline

This step is all on me.  I'll do thorough research in order to make sure that your content is backed by reliable sources.


Next comes the outline of the project.  I'll map it out so I get a complete picture of how the content will read.

STEP 4: Write, Edit and Review

The next step is writing.  I craft your article or blog post to contain content that matches your target audience, goals, brand and services.

After the draft article is complete I edit without mercy to streamline your content so it's error-free.  

This is when you see the content.  After it's been edited I email it to you for your review.  If you love it, great!  If there's anything you see that needs tweaking I'll make the necessary changes so that your article matches your needs 100%.

STEP 4: Publish, Share and Repeat!

Once you're happy with your content you publish it on your website or blog and share your message with the world!

I can share it on my website and social media accounts as well with links back to your website.

Next we repeat the process all over again.  New topics and ideas, new content and another article to share with your clients and followers.

Services Available

I love sharing my passion with my clients and offer many types of services to do exactly that. Check out my services below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more or with any questions - I’m happy to help.

Image by Nick Morrison

Blog Post

Do you have a busy blog that needs a constant stream of articles?  If you're looking for a fresh voice I can write a blog post for you that stays true to your brand and keeps your readers engaged.  If you'd like to free up a little of your time for running other facets of your business I can help you by taking some of the pressure off of your plate.

Image by Nick Morrison

Recipe Content Creation

Do you have some delicious recipes that you're looking to share with the world? Let me help by crafting SEO focused, easy to read content that highlights your tasty ingredients and recipe steps. I can help craft stories around your food, explaining how to cook your recipes in an easy-to-follow manner. This frees up time for you to focus on other areas of your business. 

Image by Salomé Watel

Article Writing

Is your business in need of an SEO boost?  Are you looking to market your website and products effectively?  If so, let me write you a well-researched high-quality article so your time is freed up for the business of running your business!

Ebook Reader

E-book Writer

Do you want to add value to your wellness blog by offering an e-book with healthy meal ideas or your personalized fitness plan? I can work with you to create an engaging e-book that your readers will gobble up leading to increased sales or followers for you!


Guided Meditation Script

Do you have a soothing voice that is perfect for meditation but you just don't know what to say to your listeners?  I can write a gently flowing script that allows you to guide your listeners on a visualization journey.  Whether it's to increase success, gain mental clarity or finding weight loss motivation I'll work with you to bring focused meditation to your audience so that you can focus on helping people.

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